We added a new stakeholder category "Academic Research Institutions" in 2018 due to our collaboration with academia in product innovation and development. We continued to use the same analysis framework as in previous years while our different departments evaluated the relevance of 11 stakeholders categories in accordance with the 5 major principles of the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standards. This year's statistical analysis results found that employees, government agencies, customers, shareholders, and suppliers/contractors/outsourcers, are the major stakeholders (in that order). Results were similar to the those of 2017. Walsin has established complete and comprehensive channels of communication for stakeholders to learn about the topics with which stakeholders are concerned and actively respond.

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Walsin Lihwa 2018 CSR Report

We continued strengthening sustainable management strategically in our daily operation with foci on the domains we specialize in, while our management team, functional committees, and competent authorities also continued their efforts in resolving relevant economic, environmental and social topic.

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