Walsin Lihwa has over the years utilizing a pragmatic approach cultivated its core business by exercising proper risk management based on the principle of business integrity. While pursuing stable profits, we have incorporated economic, social, and environmental topics of concern in CSR into our daily operations through our corporate governance system, which encompasses the entire process from goal setting, review, to revision. We strive to reach our corporate sustainability goals through the continued promotion of green production, encouraging employees to actively participate in environmental actions and volunteer for social work, and forging a consensus on our corporate social responsibilities. In response to shifting trends in the external environment, we transformed ourselves from manufacturer to manufacturing service provider to create value for our customers, and also became a trusted enterprise for our customers and business partners.
External Evaluation of the Board's Performance in 2018
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Human Rights
Establishment and Disclosure of Our Human Rights Policy in 2018
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The 2018 Annual Shareholders' Meeting approved the establishment of the dividends policy in the Articles of Incorporation
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Top 5 %
Ranked in the Top 5% of Companies in the 2018 5th Corporate Governance Evaluation

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Walsin Lihwa 2018 CSR Report

We continued strengthening sustainable management strategically in our daily operation with foci on the domains we specialize in, while our management team, functional committees, and competent authorities also continued their efforts in resolving relevant economic, environmental and social topic.

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