Walsin Lihwa is always committed to fulfill “corporate social responsibility (CSR)” and the environmental sustainability goals. Furthermore, we expect to achieve the goal of “Creating Shared Value (CSV)” and become a diversified manufacturing corporation with environmental co-prosperity through technical upgrade and continuous improvement while our businesses are growing steadfastly.
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Energy consumption per unit of product Decrease of 3.75% in power cable and wire production and Decrease of 1.25% in stainless steel production
(benchmark year of 2014)
Decrease of 2.4% greenhouse gas emission intensity in Taiwan
(benchmark year of 2014)
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5,783 tons of carbon reduction
0 %
Decrease of 1.86 - 6.13% of purchased water intake per unit of product
Increase of 2.13% water recovery to reach 93.79% in Taiwan
0 %
Decrease of 6.12% wastewater emission per unit of product in Taiwan
Decrease of 2.65% wastewater emission per unit of product at overseas sites
0 %
98.28% of waste recovered and reused in Taiwan
92.81% of waste recovered and reused at overseas sites

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Walsin Lihwa 2018 CSR Report

We continued strengthening sustainable management strategically in our daily operation with foci on the domains we specialize in, while our management team, functional committees, and competent authorities also continued their efforts in resolving relevant economic, environmental and social topic.

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