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Since 2015, our CSR reports have passed third party assurance for four consecutive years and won various awards in Taiwan. We want to further improve and strengthen our CSR initiatives with even more substantial action taken by relevant committees of our company, so that we can better demonstrate the completeness and strategic importance of our corporate sustainability initiatives related to the social common good to together create a better future with our stakeholders in different dimensions.
2018 Performance Summary
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increased 13.8% (NTD)
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Compensation & Benefits
increased 21% (NTD)
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Net Profit After Tax
increased 79.3% (NTD)
Earnings Per Common Share
increased 79.2%
Top 0 %
Ranked in the TWSE's 5th Corporate Governance Evaluation Award
Won the TOP 50 Performance Award and Gold Award at the 2018 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA)
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Waste Recovered and Reused in Taiwan

Focus Areas

Based on our analysis and discussion of important internal and external issues relevant to Walsin Lihwa, we are able to identify what should be disclosed in our annual CSR reports, and we also take the initiative to focus on some of the topic of particular importance to disclose how we cope with them respectively. The six major topic we are particularly concerned with are stakeholder communications , governance and operation, supply chain management, environmental protection, workplace friendly, and social participation.
Communication Topics

Active Interaction and Response

We added a new stakeholder category "Academic Research Institutions" in 2018 due to our collaboration with academia in product innovation and development...
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Governance and Operation

Steady Operation and Governance

Walsin Lihwa has over the years utilizing a pragmatic approach cultivated its core business by exercising proper risk management...
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Supply Chain Management

Adding Value through Innovation and Mutual Advancement

Innovation and response have always been the foundation of Walsin Lihwa's growth. We are constantly making technological innovations...
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Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation

Walsin Lihwa is always committed to fulfill “corporate social responsibility (CSR)” and the environmental sustainability goals...
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Friendly Workplace

Friendly Care and Growth

Pursuit for excellence, innovation, ongoing learning, and a friendly workplace are to the foundation of business sustainability of Walsin Lihwa...
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Social Participation

Intensifying our Actions for the Common Good

Walsin has dedicated great effort to charity for many years, and views corporate sustainability as its core value...
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Walsin Lihwa 2018 CSR Report

We continued strengthening sustainable management strategically in our daily operation with foci on the domains we specialize in, while our management team, functional committees, and competent authorities also continued their efforts in resolving relevant economic, environmental and social topic.

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