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Mr. Yu-Lon Chiao  (Chairman , Walsin Lihwa)

Yu-Lon Chiao is Chairman of Walsin Lihwa. In 1983, Mr. Chiao joined Walsin Lihwa as President, became Chairman in 1996 and Chief Executive Officer in 2005.
Since he became Chairman, his management expertise and insight into industry trends have been steering many critical company decisions, including expansion into the stainless steel industry and ongoing expansion in the industry, reorganization and reengineering to enhance business performance, pursuit of aggressive growth by leveraging Mainland China as a growth engine. Mr. Chiao is the key driver of a brand new stage of development of Walsin Lihwa.
Mr. Chiao has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from University of Washington, USA.
Ms. Patricia Chiao  (Vice Chairman, Walsin Lihwa)

Ms. Patricia Chiao acts as Vice Chairman in 2016. Since Ms. Chiao joined Walsin Lihwa in 1981, she has been the Finance Department Deputy Manager, Special Assistant to the President, and Senior General Manager of the Purchasing Management Center and Financial Investment Management Center. In 2003, she was promoted to Vice President and after two years President of the Copper Business Group. In 2010 she became President of Wire and Cable Business Group.  
Ms. Chiao is highly experienced in materials management. She contributes to assist Chairman Chiao in company business development.
Mr. Fred Pan  (President, Walsin Lihwa )

Mr. Pan became President of Walsin Lihwa in 2019, responsible for assisting the Chairman of the company in business strategy planning and implementation.
Joining Walsin Lihwa in 2007, Mr. Pan has been the Director of the Accounting Division, Chief of Staff, as well as Vice President and Senior General Manager of the Commerce and Real Estate Business Unit.
Before joining Walsin Lihwa, Mr. Pan was the CFO of Philips Semiconductors Asia Pacific, CFO of the sales and marketing division of Philips Semiconductors Taiwan, Director of Accounting at Coca-Cola Taiwan, and Deputy Director of Accounting at Namchow Chemicals Lid.
Mr. Pan is an MBA from Tulane University.


Fred Pan
President & President of Commerce & Real Estate Business Group
Responsible for the company's common platform development as well as commerce and real estate business performance. As the Coportate President, Fred is also incharge of improving long-term competitiveness and executing company strategies.
C.C. Chen
Executive Vice President & President of Supplies Business Group
Responsible for daily operation to drive profitability while helping strengthen mid- and long-term competitiveness by expediting improvement on an ad-hoc basis.
Kevin Niu
President of Stainless Steel Business Group
Responsible for overall market management, including marketing and sales, and concurrently responsible for raw material procurement as well as raw material value and risk management.
Jin-Renn Leu
President of Insulated Wire & Cable Business Group
Responsible for the insulated wire & cable business performance, long-term competitiveness enhancement, and implementation of corporate strategies.
Josh Chia
Vice President & Director of Finance
Responsible for capital movement, financial planning, investment monitoring, and risk control and management.
Richard Wu
Director of Accounting
Responsible for strategic planning for accounting, asset management, credit monitoring, and business analysis matters
Sherry Ho
Director of Legal Affairs & Corporate Governance Officer
Responsible for legal affairs, board meetings, and corporate govermance