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Winbond Electronics Corporation (

Winbond Electronics Corporation is Taiwan's largest brand name IC manufacturer, focusing mainly on VLSI design, production and marketing services. Since its foundation in 1987, Winbond Electronics has actively integrated information technology and creativity offers solutions for clients with mobile electronic products and services.

Based in the Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park, Winbond Electronics has some 4,000 employees, with a capital of NT$35.8 billion. Its major products include personal computers and peripherals, communications products and camera micro controllers, DRAM, NVM and SRAM, and FLASH.

Walsin Technology Corporation ( )

Walsin Technology is one of the world's largest (largest in Taiwan) manufacturers of multi-layer integrated ceramic chips (MLCC), and specializes in the production of passive components. Walsin Technology is staffed with an outstanding management team and equipped with the core technologies of precision ceramic materials. 

Since its foundation in 1992, Walsin Technology has always stressed the importance of new technologies and product R&D, in order to stay ahead of the fierce competition. Its capital as of 2016 was NT$5.2 billion. Its major products include multi-layer integrated ceramic capacitors, chip resistors, radio frequency components, multilayer chip inductors, varistors, and positive temperature coefficient resistors (PTCR), all key components for the communications and telecommunications industries.

HannStar Board Corporation (

Established in 1989, HannStar Board primarily manufactures notebook printed circuit boards. The company’s global leadership is evidenced by its worldwide market share of 40%.
Its multilayer printed circuit boards, from double layers to 16 layers, are widely used in notebooks, mobile phones, flat TV, game machines, set-top boxes, and servers.

Trading of HannStar Board -- which used to be an OTC company -- on the Taiwan Exchange began in 2003.
Its capital as of 2016 was NT$4.5 billion. HannStar Board International Holdings was established in 2006 in Cayman and has a wholly-owned subsidiary in Mainland China.
Trading of HannStar Board International Holdings on the Hong Kong Exchange began in October 2006.

HannStar Display Corporation (

Established in 1998 in Yangmei Township, Taoyuan County, HannStar Display produces TFT-LCDs primarily for notebook displays and desktop monitors.
HannStar Display’s cooperation with Toshiba has helped obtain the most mature technologies from Japan.
The company’s customers include renowned electronics companies in Taiwan and overseas. HannStar Display has two LCD plants and an LCM plant.

In June 2003, construction of its 6th generation plant commenced in the Southern Taiwan Science Park commenced, further consolidating the company’s leadership in the markets of large-size LCDTV and extra-wide angle displays. Its capital as of 2016 was NT$32.3 billion.

HannStar Display Corporation (Nanjing )

Part of one of the world's top-five LCD panel manufacturers, this Nanjing operation is an LCD panel supplier to leading brands of desktop and notebook computer TFT monitors. The primary business of this company includes the final stage assembling of liquid crystal modules and production of LCD panels. In the future, the company will provide full support to its parent company's LCD production process. Quantity production in Nanjing has commenced, targeting monthly capacity of 90,000 LCD panels.