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Walsin Lihwa has had more than 30 years of experience in real estate development and the construction industry since 1973, when the construction of Walsin Lihwa’s first commercial building was completed by a construction subsidiary of the company. Over the years, important achievements include three Walsin Lihwa headquarters buildings on Zhongxiao East Road, Minsheng East Road, and Songzhi Road in Taipei City, as well as the construction and operation of Taipei 101 and Shanghaimart.

In 2005, Walsin Lihwa commenced real estate development in Mainland China, in particular, construction of Walsin Centro in Hexi New Town, Nanjing. Walsin Centro is a multi-function commercial complex of approx. 170,000 square meters, and the floor area of buildings in the complex amounts to near one million square meters to be developed phase by phase.

With increasingly prevalent economic exchanges and the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement signed between Mainland China and Taiwan as well as the 12th Five-Year Plan implemented in Mainland China, Walsin Centro as a multifunction commercial complex will be a core business operation in addition to the existing material technology operation for Walsin Lihwa to pursue aggressive expansion in Mainland China.