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The career opportunities at Walsin Lihwa center around the Greater China region, where the company‘s fields range from cable and wire, stainless steel, and real estate with widespread business presences. Employees can benefit from cross-industry and cross-cultural experience to enhance their depth and width of business judgement.

Walsin Lihwa's respect for employees is well demonstrated by the company's comprehensive human resources programs and employee development mechanisms, which provide a variety of learning and career advancement opportunities to enable personal growth and help everyone to fully develop individual potential and to create a successful future with the company.

Walsin Lihwa's cross-industry operations across geographical boundaries provide a great career development environment and potential to outstanding people. Accordingly, we are very committed to management personnel development and have systematic training and promotion systems, which are the foundation for ongoing enhancement of management and competitiveness at this company. Walsin Lihwa cordially invites you to join our big family and share learning and growth opportunities as well as fruitful results with us.

Offices and Locations

Taipei Head Office Hsinchuang Plant
25F, No.1, Songzhi Rd.,
Taipei 11047, Taiwan
TEL: 886-2-8726-2211 (HR Dept.)
No.397, Hsinshu Rd., Hsinchuang Dist.,
New Taipei City 24262, Taiwan
TEL: 886-2-2202-9121 (HR Dept.)
Yangmei Plant Taichung Plant
No.566, Gaoshi Rd., Yangmei Dist.,
Taoyuan City 32668, Taiwan
TEL: 886-3-478-6171 (HR Dept.)
No.57, Jing 3rd Rd., Wuqi Dist.,
Taichung City 43541, Taiwan
TEL: 886-4-2659-5552 (HR Dept.)
Yenshui Plant  
No.3-10, Shi Jou Liau, Chin Shuei Li, Yenshui Dist.,
Tainan City 73743, Taiwan
TEL: 886-6-652-0911 (HR Dept.)