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Walsin Centro, located at the center of the core business district of Hexi New Town in Nanjing, is a high-end and multi-function urban development project that integrates commercial, office and residential areas. The project prides itself on a unique location, is adjacent to Jiangsu Grand Theatre, the Nanjing International Expo Centre, Nanjing Central Park, Nanjing Green Exposition Park, Nanjing Youth Olympic Centre, People’s Government of Nanjing City, and an intersection of two subways. Within 1,000 meters by walk, there are abundant business and commercial resources; well-developed arts, recreation, and sports facilities; and green lands to meet almost every need and want in daily life.

In 2006, Walsin Lihwa acquired the land for Walsin Centro in Hexi New Town, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. The land totals approx. 163,000 square meters and the floor area of buildings there exceeds to one million square meters. Walsin (Nanjing) Development Co., Ltd. is responsible for the development and operation of Walsin Centro. Based on its philosophy of high quality real estate development and a tasteful lifestyle, Walsin Lihwa hopes to develop Walsin Centro into a green urban complex featuring humanism and high quality of life. Walsin Centro will become the business, financial, recreation, residential, and shopping hub in Nanjing, just like the Xinyi Planned District in Taipei. Walsin Centro has six 5A-class office buildings, 14 premium residential buildings, and a flagship shopping center with exquisite pedestrian street design to become a new urban landmark as well as an international-class business and shopping cluster that are green.

Construction of two office buildings in Walsin Centro’s C1 site was completed in 2012 and the two buildings have been delivered to the China Development Bank and the China Guangfa Bank as their head offices in Jiangsu. In 2014, a residential complex in C2 was delivered and highly rated by customers, the press, and trade for its build and design quality. A pedestrian street area commenced business in 2014, providing a variety of restaurant choices. In 2015, construction of residential complexes and the 1st-phase office started, while the 2nd-phase office is in the procurement and bidding stage, after planned and designed. The 2nd-phase flagship shopping center is soliciting business around the world and other potential office building customers are being contacted.

Walsin Lihwa has taken deep roots in the real estate industry, and property development will be increasingly important to the company.

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