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Employees are our most important asset and we value the learning opportunities for employees and their growth. Therefore, we very actively encourage employees to take the initiative to seek learning opportunities and apply what they learn to their jobs. It is always our belief that diligent learning and ongoing growth of our employees are critical to our everlasting competitiveness.

Our employees have the following learning programs:

New employee training: Help new employees understand and build confidence in their jobs, and help adapt themselves to the corporate culture of Walsin Lihwa.
Professional training: Strengthen professionalism for employees by coaching and job-specific training programs.
Management training: Enhance the management ability and leadership for different levels of managers.
Liberal training: Provide the liberal knowledge and skills that help achieve work objectives and enhance the quality of work.

Employee education and training as well as career development planning at Walsin Lihwa
Employee education and training at Walsin Lihwa are supported by performance assessment, project participation, and in-house counselors to enable career development planning for employees. How these initiatives are implemented is tabulated as below.