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Talents are the most valuable asset at Walsin Lihwa, Therefore, we are committed to profit-sharing with employees and provide competitive remuneration packages to help attract, encourage, and retain talents.

Remuneration system
Walsin Lihwa conducts annual surveys of remuneration packages in relevant industries to ensure the total rewards provided to employees are competitive enough. Our remuneration policy is based on the following principles.

 Remuneration policy principle
Reasonable yet competitive total rewards based on the market value of individual professional functions and job contributions to the company
Bonuses based on the company business performance, extents to which team objectives are achieved, and individual job contributions to the company
Salaries and benefits based on education levels, work experience, professional knowledge and skills, professional seniority, and personal work performance without discrimination of gender, race, religion, political stance, marital status, and/or union membership
Starting salaries for fresh-out-of-school employees and foreign national workers in compliance with relevant local laws and regulations
Development of a harmonious capital-labor relation in compliance with relevant local laws and regulations

Bonus plan
The bonus system at Walsin Lihwa is intended to encourage outstanding work performance, with performance and productivity bonuses provided based on the company business performance, extents to which team objectives are achieved, and individual job contributions to the company. Company profitability-based bonuses are also available.
Employee health and safety are one of the top management priorities at Walsin Lihwa; therefore, the company has made clear commitment to the psychological and physical health of all employees, considering all employees its most important asset and value.

Employee Benefits
We consider physical and mental health as keys to our employees. We offer comprehensive and diversified employee benefits to take care of our employees. Employees in Taiwan enjoy the benefits as the table below.

Insurance and protection
Labor insurance
National Health Insurance
Group insurance (covers life insurance, accident insurance, hospitalization insurance, cancer insurance, etc.)
Oversea travel insurance and expatriate insurance
Regularly Health checkup
Monthly pension contribution
Retirement payment and compensation payment
Travel subsidy
Subsidy for employee association activity
Wedding and funeral subsidy
Childbirth subsidy
Physical examination subsidy for managers
Hospitalization relief payment
Scholarship for employees and their children
Interest-free loan (including emergency loan, children education loan, and housing loan)
Other Benefits
Birthday gift certificate
Cash gifts or gift certificates for three major Chinese festivals
Gift certificates for Labor Day
Staff dormitory (certain plant sites only)
Commuter bus services (plant sites only)
Better annual leave program than the Labor Standard Act. Employees are eligible for annual leaves from the first day service.
Lectures on lifestyle, personal growth, personal financing and investment, travel and tourism, etc.
Special offers and good deals from co-operative stores
Gold medallion for senior employees

Disclaimer: The information contained in this section is not intended to be used as the complete guide to Walsin Lihwa's compensation and benefits. The individual compensation and benefits plan shall be governed by the offer letter and the regulations of compensation and benefits of Walsin Lihwa. In case of any subsequent adjustment or amendment, the adjusted or amended regulations shall prevail.