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Pursuit for continuous growth by leveraging industry 4.0 advantages; insistence on environmental protection, energy efficiency, and R&D for innovation; and servitization of manufacturing for customers value creation to become the most reliable and trustworthy business partners to customers

Committed to ongoing pursuit for excellence to enable innovation amid stable growth, Walsin Lihwa diligently engages in the R&D of basic materials and relevant technology applications to gradually implement smart manufacturing and manufacture process optimization, promote product upgrades, and grow the market of relevant industry applications. Moreover, Walsin Lihwa spares no effort in environmental protection to mitigate operating impacts on the environment by effective energy management, energy saving, carbon reduction, and pollutant emission control.
Walsin Lihwa’s active presence at customers’ production lines helps provide manufacture process advice, and the company works with customers to expedite new product development to strengthen market demand-driven R&D or product customization capabilities. Focusing on manufacture while expanding into the manufacturing service industry, Walsin Lihwa can create added value for customers and looks forward to becoming even more trustworthy to both customers and business partners.

Corporate Culture

Commitment to business integrity
Walsin Lihwa’s corporate culture based on ethical management crystallizes in manufacture, internal control, and employee conduct to continue improving corporate governance and strengthening supply chain cooperation, so that the core values of the company can be better realized to enable sound business operations and create shared prosperity throughout the industry ecosystem.

Down-to-earth attitude toward business
Walsin Lihwa’s down-to-earth attitude toward everything it does helps explore the nature of everything, identify the root causes of issues, and implement thorough solutions. Walsin Lihwa also expects its employees to keep seeking better ways of working and more streamlined processes on their individual jobs.

Pursuit for excellence
Since its inception in half a century ago, Walsin Lihwa has been endeavoring to improve and innovate industrial materials while focusing on its core businesses of power cables and wires, stainless steel, and commerce and real estate. Grasping industry trends from the very basics, Walsin Lihwa is able to accumulate growth momentum for both technological civilization and sustainable environment development to help contribute to the high quality of modern life.

Emphasis on scientific approaches
Walsin Lihwa emphasizes scientific approaches and the importance of technology utilization. All the jobs must be standardized, quantifiable, rationalized, substantiated, as well as methodologically, scientifically, and systematically done to attain the best results.