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Walsin Lihwa Human Rights Policy

Walsin Lihwa abides local laws and regulations in all countries and regions where we operate, as well as upholds and complies the internationally-recognized human rights conventions and guidelines. We respect all workers, including interns, regular, temporary, contract and migrant employees, etc., and treat them in a fair, rational, and friendly manner. We also advance such spirit of human rights to our partners.

Guiding principles are as follows:

• Create a safe and healthy workplace

• Provide fair and reasonable salary and working conditions

• Eliminate discrimination to ensure equal employment opportunities

• Abolish child labor

• Eradicate forced labor

• Respect the freedom of association

• Protect privacy and prevent harassment

• Provide grievance mechanism

• Support the physical and psychological well-being of employees; ensure the balance between work and personal life

• Review and assess relevant systems and practices regularly