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Groundbreaking of Walsin Centro takes place in Nanjing Hexi New Town

Walsin Lihwa today conducted the Walsin Centro groundbreaking ceremony in Nanjing. The area of Walsin Centro is approx. 170,000 square meters and build-up area near 1 million square meters. The investment in Walsin Centro totals RMB$6 billion and construction will be completed start from 2012. This large commercial property development project in Hexi New Town includes a flagship shopping center, five-star hotel operations, high-class residences, office buildings, and well-planned commercial street blocks. Walsin Centro is going to become a salient landmark in Nanjing when the whole construction is completed.  

Developed by the Nanjing municipal government, Hexi New Town is a new metropolitan center with administration and office, business and trade, as well as cultural and sports functions. Hexi New Town features convenient transportation and comprehensive daily life amenities; it is an emerging district suitable for career development, high-class residences, international hotels, offices, recreation, and shopping. The Nanjing Olympic Sports Center, where the 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games will take place, is also located here, and the upcoming event is going to draw more crowds and generate more business opportunities. Walsin Centro is located at the center of Hexi New Town and adjacent to the Nanjing International Exhibition Center and the Nanjing Central Park in addition to the Nanjing Olympic Sports Center. The superb location of Walsin Centrois further enhanced by a subway intersection.  

Walsin (Nanjing) Development Co., Ltd., which is established by Walsin Lihwa, responsible for the development construction, and investment planning of Walsin Centro by working with world-famous professional organizations to build this community encompassing home, hotel, office, and mall functions. The shopping center of Walsin Centro is designed by Ronald Altoon and Jim Porter, two architecture maestros at the Los Angles-based A+P Architects, and the shopping center will bring in internationally prestigious brands. Moreover, there will be international class hotels in cooperation with other renowned businesses. Walsin Centro — as a multi-function business area integrating business, life and recreation features — will even outdo Xinyi Planned District in Taipei City.

Walsin Centro is developed and invested by Walsin (Nanjing) Development Co., Ltd., a 100% owned subsidiary of Walsin Lihwa — is responsible for real estate development and operation in Nanjing.