Life with Walsin Lihwa

We together, hearts together.

People are key to the steady growth of Walsin Lihwa.
Therefore, in addition to labor and healthcare insurance coverage, there are Chinese New Year Dragon Boat Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival gift money, special leaves, comprehensive health checks every 2 years, and various events to strengthen the physical and mental wellbeing of employees, the most important asset of Walsin Lihwa.

  • Compensation and Benefits

    Employees are the most precious asset of Walsin Lihwa, where profit sharing enables a variety of remuneration packages and comprehensive fringe benefit programs. Walsin Lihwa’s reasonable yet competitive remuneration policy includes basic salaries, bonuses, as well as various flexible fringe benefits to help recruit, encourage, and retain talents as competitive employees deserve competitive remuneration.

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  • Work Environment

    Walsin Lihwa provides a friendly and comfortable work environment including omnipresent lawns and shade trees throughout its plant sites and comfortable offices for employees to better focus on their work. There are also comfortable employee dormitories, convenient commuter bus service, clean restaurants, recreation space and facilities, in addition to a variety of health management service to take care of the daily life of employees to keep them as carefree as possible at work and off work.

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  • Employees Activity

    Walsin Lihwa organizes various employee activities such as family days, public interest activities, as well as employee associations and clubs to enable interaction and exchange among employees of different departments to help strengthen their affinity for the Company and stimulate their creativity, so that they can better enjoy their work and life by striking a balance between work and life.

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  • Community Links

    Please click on the community page links to discover for yourself what happens at Walsin Lihwa.

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