Resources Business

Holding access to key resources, enhancing value-added services, extending value chain, expanding into energy storage industry, and optimizing efficiency

The Resources Business Group (“RBG”) of Walsin Lihwa Corporation (WLC) was established in 2020. Under the business group, PT Walsin Nickel Industrial Indonesia produces and sells Nickel Pig Iron, an upper stream material of Walsin Lihwa’s stainless steel business. The acquisition of PT. Sunny Metal Industry in 2022 further enables WLC to produce Nickel Matte in addition to Nickel Pig Iron, paving the way for the company to expand into the supply chain of energy storage industry for electronic vehicle (EV).

RBG is responsible for the development and operation of WLC’s business lines in Indonesia, diversification of the production and sales of nickel related products for the upstream of the stainless steel industry and the EV energy storage industry, and enhancement of the company’s competitiveness, so as to become our clients’ long-term strategic partner and grow together.

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