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Cold Finished Bar

WalsinLihwa stainless steel cold finished are made by cold drawing of wire rods or hot-rolled pickled bars and include round bars and bars of various shapes. WalsinLihwa produces a variety of cold finished bars at its Yenshui and Jiangyin plants; such cold finished bars feature high quality, stability, outstanding straightness, high precision, and ease in cutting. In addition to round bars in general, the Yenshui plant can supply centerless ground bars, square and hexagon cold finished bars, and is a world-leading supplier of stainless steel cold finished bars.

  • Peeled Bar
    Peeled bars are made by turning and feature high stability, an outstanding material strength and homogeneous structure, as well as precise straightness and sizes. The sizes of round peeled bars produced by the Yenshui plant range from 16 to 125 mm and those of peeled bars produced by the Yantai and Jiangyin plants range from 15 to 350 mm.
  • Cold Drawn Bar
    Cold drawn bars have the outstanding features of accuracy, straightness, surface, cleanness and safety. Different kinds of soft/hard materials can be tailor-made according to customers’ requirement. The sizes of cold drawn bars in Yenshui are 2 – 70 mm, in Jiangyin are 2 – 128 mm.
  • Cold Drawn Shaped Bar
    Cold-drawn shaped bars include square and hexagon bars. The sizes of hexagon bars and square bars produced by the Yenshui plant range from 4.76 to 63.5 mm and 4.76 to 40 mm respectively. The Jiangyin plant produces square and hexagon bars as well as other shaped bars. The sizes of its square bars and hexagon bars range from 12.7 to 76.2 mm, while customized development of other shaped bars is also provided by the plant.


Yenshui Plant – Common Use
Grades of Steel 304/304L (1.4307)、316/316L (1.4404)、303 (1.4305)、410 (1.4006)、416 (1.4005)、420 (1.4021.) / 420J2 (1.4028)、430 (1.4016) / 430F (1.4104)、431 (1.4057)、316Ti (1.4571)、310S (1.4845)、630 (1.4542)、XM-19 (1.3964)
Product Peeled bar, Cold Drawn bar, Centerless Ground bar
Shape Round Bar, Hex Bar, Square Bar
Length 2.5 ~ 6.5M
Dimension Round 2 ~ 120mm
Hexagon 4.76 ~ 63.5mm
Square 4.76 ~ 40mm
Jiangyin Plant – Common use
Grades of Steel 303 (1.4305)、303CU、304/304L (1.4307)、316/316L (1.4404)、316Ti (1.4571)、310S(1.4845)、314(1.4841)、410 (1.4006)、416 (1.4005)、420(1.4021.)、420J2 (1.4028)、430 (1.4016)、430F(1.4105)、431(1.4057)、41501(1.4418)、310S (1.4845)、630 (1.4542)、XM-19 (1.3964)
Product Peeled bar, Cold Drawn bar, Centerless Ground bar
Shape Round Bar, Hex Bar, Square Bar, Shaped Bar
Length 2 ~ 6.5M
Dimension Round 2 ~ 300mm
Hexagon 4.76 ~ 76.2mm
Square 4.76 ~ 76.2mm


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