Learning and Development

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Your Life Through Learning

Various career development programs at Walsin Lihwa
are available to both new and senior employees to enable continuous learning and continuous growth.

  • Training Map

    Walsin Lihwa emphasizes practice, i.e. learning by doing and vice versa, by providing learning resources to encourage application of real case scenarios to training exercises. Training programs are also designed based on different stages of careers development for every employee to find what suits him or her on the training map, internalize what is learned through practice, and ascend career ladders step by step to benefit from personal growth.

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  • Learning Organization

    External training subsidies, mentoring, and overseas training opportunities are also available, and there are different technology exchange groups and a self-learning ecosystem at work to combine learning with work. In such an atmosphere conducive to learning, employees can help and encourage each other to pursue ongoing personal growth and Walsin Lihwa can therefore become increasingly successful.

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  • Walsin Lihwa Academy

    To strengthen its learning organization culture, Walsin Lihwa’s border- and time zone-free learning platform provides a variety of online professional training programs to enable learning anytime and anywhere and help develop employees into interdisciplinary professionals to enjoy slash careers.

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