Life with Walsin Lihwa

Compensation and Benefits

Item Content
Outstanding Renumeration
  • Competitive salary
  • Performance bonus
  • Productivity bonus
Other Benefits
  • Better annual leave program than the Labor Standard Act. Employees are eligible for annual leaves from the first day service.
  • Lectures on lifestyle, personal growth, personal financing and investment, travel and tourism, etc.
  • Special offers and good deals from co-operative stores
  • Gold medallion for senior employees
  • Perennial new employee orientation events
Comprehensive Insurance Coverage
  • Labor insurance
  • National Health Insurance
  • Group insurance (covers life insurance, accident insurance, hospitalization insurance, cancer insurance, etc.)
  • Oversea travel insurance and expatriate insurance
  • Regularly Health checkup
  • Monthly pension contribution
  • Retirement payment and compensation payment
Various Subsidies
  • Travel subsidy
  • Subsidy for employee association activity
  • Wedding and funeral subsidy
  • Childbirth subsidy
  • Physical examination subsidy for managers
  • Hospitalization relief payment
  • Scholarship for employees and their children
  • Interest-free loan (including emergency loan, children education loan, and housing loan)
Comprehensive Career Development Planning
  • Training available for both new and senior executives based on their individual competency requirements regardless of ages, genders, and positions to help strengthen the Company’s competitiveness
  • Sound performance assessment and diverse promotion channels
Friendly Workplace
  • ISO 45001 accreditation
  • Humanized management and the latest hardware and software
  • Commuter bus service
  • Employee dormitories at plant sites
  • Employee restaurants at plant sites

Work Environment

Established in 1966, Walsin Lihwa now has more than 10 production and sales sites around the world. The Taipei- headquartered Walsin Lihwa has business presence in Hsinchuang, Taichung, Yangmei, and Yenshui in Taiwan; Changshu. Dongguan, Jiangyin, Nanjing, Shanghai, and Yantai in Mainland China; as well as Indonesia, Malaysia, and California.

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  • Company Event

    At Walsin Lihwa, an enriched life and professional achievements are equally important. Therefore, family days and various events such as DIY workshops, organic farm markets, and lectures on different subjects , e.g. healthy lifestyles and ecological protection, are organized on a regular basis to strengthen workplace friendliness and help employees enjoy both their work and life.

    Senior employees are also arranged to mentor new employees to bring them up to speed to the required performance, understand the corporate culture, and rapidly blend themselves into the culture to feel belongingness to Walsin Lihwa.

  • Public Interest Activities

    Walsin Lihwa leads employees to take part in various public interest activities and encourages employee volunteerism such as beach cleaning, aid provided to mentally challenged children and elderlies in remote rural areas, blood donations and donations of unused belongings, and assistance in newspaper reading provided to elementary and junior high schools, so that employees can feel fulfilled by dedicating themselves to public interest causes.

  • Club Activities

    Walsin Lihwa supports employee associations and clubs by providing sufficient funding to individual plant sites for employees there to enjoy and benefit from baseball, bel canto, cycling, mountain hiking, rhythmic gymnastics, softball, and yoga. Employee associations and clubs facilitate collegial interaction and help strike a balance between work and life to create a friendly environment where employees love to get involved and share with each other.

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