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Groundbreaking of Formosa Trade Center takes place to develop a new platform for business exchanges across the Taiwan Strait

The Nanjing municipal government, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, and Walsin Lihwa Corp. together hold the groundbreaking ceremony for Formosa Trade Center on March 13. The construction of Formosa Trade Center will be completed in September. Formosa Trade Center, located in Nanjing Hexi New Town, is a multi-function business area enabling exhibition, procurement, retailing, wholesaling, as well as recreation to serve as a platform for business exchanges across the Taiwan Strait.  

The Taiwan Trade Fair 2009, conducted by the Nanjing municipal government together with the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, was well received in Nanjing, where many business opportunities have been generated. In order to sustain and strengthen the momentum, the Nanjing municipal government provides full support to the construction of Formosa Trade Center, which will transform the Taiwan Trade Fair, which takes place only once a year, to ongoing business exchanges across the Taiwan Strait. The Taiwan External Trade Development Council and Walsin Lihwa are responsible for the planning, promotion and operation of Formosa Trade Center, aiming at helping even more Taiwan companies establish their business strongholds in Mainland China and further improving the trade relation between Nanjing and Taiwan.

Hexi New Town is a newly developed business district in Nanjing, and Formosa Trade Center is located In the best area in Hexi New Town. The area of Formosa Trade Center exceeds 100 acreages and the area of buildings exceeds 75,000 square meters. Strategically located just across a street from the Nanjing International Exhibition Center and the Nanjing Olympic Sports Center, where the 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games will take place, Formosa Trade Center features highly convenient transportation and will provide outstanding transaction facilities and services to buyers and sellers across the Taiwan Strait. It will help Taiwan businesses develop the market of Mainland China by directly offering the high quality daily life commodities, food products, electronic appliances, clothes and accessories made in Taiwan as well as cultural and art creativity to the Nanjing consumer market, while serving as an effective platform for local business buyers to order Taiwan products.

Renowned developers and institutes from Mainland China, Taiwan, and overseas have been invited to study the characteristics of existing street blocks in Taiwan, and analyze why the Taiwan Trade Fair is successful in Nanjing as well as how the industry chain for Formosa Trade Center should be structured. Careful, comprehensive consideration has decided a street block style unique to conventional retailing and wholesaling operations in conjunction with the functionality of specialty exhibitions and trade shows. Featuring low-density development and innovative buildings, Formosa Trade Center is expected to attract 1,000 Taiwan businesses to station. With the upcoming Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement signing across the Taiwan Strait, the market of Mainland China will be increasingly open to Taiwan businesses. Formosa Trade Center will provide convenient export and import services to small and medium businesses from Taiwan and help them effectively compete for business opportunities in Mainland China, where Formosa Trade Center is going to become a very unique business exchange center.