Privacy Policy

The Privacy Protection Policy provided herein by Walsin Lihwa Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as the “Company”) applies to the individuals outside the Company, including customers, visitors to the Company’s website, users of the Company’s products and/or services, employees of the Company’s corporate customers and contractors, applicants for employment by the Company, and visitors to the Company. As a result, the Company announces its respect for and protection of the privacy of the individuals above pursuant to its Privacy Protection Policy introduced as below.

Personal Data Collection Policy

The Company may collect some of your personal data when:

  1. You provide information to the Company by email and/or phone or do so by someone else for you;
  2. You become a customer of the Company;
  3. You are in contact with the Company at meetings, exhibitions, and/or salespeople visits;
  4. The Company works with you or provides services to you;
  5. You disclose data by yourself;
  6. You use the Company’s products and/or services;
  7. You contact the Company through the contact channels provided by the Company;
  8. You visit the Company’s website or use the functions or resources on the Company’s website; and
  9. You participate the online events, surveys, become a member or apply for relevant services on the Company’s website.

Please be advised that your personal data may be gathered by other websites linked to the Company’s website. When you provide your personal data to the aforementioned other websites on your own accord, the Company’s Privacy Protection Policy is not applicable because such websites have their individual policies for privacy protection.

Categories of Personal Data Collection

Your personal data collected by the Company include what is prescribed in the preceding Personal Data Collection Policy. Suppose you choose not to provide personal data to the Company. The Company may not be able to provide services to you in the absence of such data. The Company only uses the data provided by you to manage its services and may contact you by email or phone with your consent. The Company may send service-related information to you only when necessary but rarely.

The data collected and stored by the Company include email addresses, names, contact addresses, telephone numbers, transaction data, data provided during transaction, logistics and billing data such as customs IDs and tracking numbers, your chat and service history with the Company, and other data you may provide such as your age, gender, interests, and preferences.

Personal Data Used by the Company

In compliance with relevant laws and regulations, the Company collects, processes, and uses your personal data only for the following purposes: 1) Availability of its website, products, and services, 2) business operation, 3) communications and marketing, 4) information system management, 5) supplier management, 6) opinion polls, 7) corporate security, 8) case investigations, 8) legal compliance, 9) website, product, and service quality improvement, 10) implementation and upholding of the Company’s policies and agreements, 11) investigations of data leakages, illegalities, and frauds, 12) advocacy, exercise, and/or protection of legal rights, 13) cybersecurity and fraud prevention, 14) recruitment and interviews, and 15) others.
The Company shall not use your personal data except to serve the primary purposes.

Personal Data Sharing

Your personal data shall be kept strictly confidential and shared only with the following receivers. Only with your consent will the Company share your personal data with third parties, and you may choose not to have your personal data shared with third parties.
For the preceding purposes, the Company may disclose your personal data to:

  • The Company’s domestic and overseas affiliates and subsidiaries;
  • The CPAs, auditors, consultants, lawyers, and other professionals providing counseling to the Company who have signed confidentiality agreements with the Company;
  • The Company’s logistics and marketing support suppliers, among others pursuant to what is prescribed in the Privacy Protection Policy and its confidentiality obligation clauses;
  • Relevant parties, competent authorities, government agencies and affiliates, law enforcement agencies and/or courts of law for advocacy, exercise, and/or protection of the Company’s legal rights; and
    The third parties that advertise and provide plugins and content services on the Company’s website.
  • You are advised to read such third parties’ privacy protection policies before your interaction with them.

Cross Border Data Transmission

As an international consortium with an international business presence, the Company may send your personal data to its domestic and overseas affiliates and subsidiaries as long as doing so complies with its Privacy Protection Policy. Therefore, the Company may send your personal data to other countries or jurisdictions. When doing so, the Company shall meet the data security standards as prescribed in applicable privacy laws and regulations there to protect your personal data. Suppose the Company sends your personal data to any country where necessary protection is not guaranteed. In that case, the Company shall further strengthen its information security measures and ask receivers to sign standard clauses of personal data protection to be accountable for data security obligations. Those mentioned above are all intended to strengthen the protection of your personal data.

Data Security

The Company has taken proper security measures both organization- and technology-wise to prevent your personal data from damage, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure, unauthorized access or unauthorized or unlawful processing by accident or intention.
Given the Internet’s openness, data transmission on the Internet is not entirely secure despite all the reasonable measures taken by the Company to protect your personal data. Therefore, as the Company cannot completely guarantee the security of your data transmission on the Internet, you will bear the possible risks throughout the transmission process, and you must make sure for yourself there is no security issue with your data transmitted to the Company.

Correctness of Data

The Company is committed to reasonable measures to ensure the correctness and timeliness of your personal data. Therefore, when the Company finds any error in your personal data, correction or deletion will be made immediately.

Principle of Least Privilege

The Company is committed to reasonable measures to ensure your personal data are only processed when they are reasonably relevant to the purposes as prescribed in its Privacy Protection Policy, and they are only processed for such reasonable purposes.

Personal Data Retention Period

The Company shall take every reasonable measure to ensure your personal data are only processed pursuant to the purposes as prescribed in its Privacy Protection Policy, and such data are kept only when necessary and as short as possible. The criteria for the Company to decide how long your personal data are kept in identifiable forms are:

  1. Duration of your ongoing relationship with the Company;
  2. What is required for processing your personal data pursuant to the purposes as prescribed in the Privacy Protection Policy for the Company’s legitimate interests in such purposes, e.g., during contract fulfillment, and;
  3. Relevant statutes of limitations, e.g., fixed periods of time during which anyone else can bring a legal proceeding to the Company regarding your personal data.

Within one year of the expiry of the periods mentioned above, therefore, if anyone asserts any legal right before a statute of limitations expires, the Company still has reasonable time to confirm the personal data related to the cause of action made. When the Company keeps your personal data, the Company shall only access such data out of causes of action and legal obligations and shall only process your personal data to store and secure such data.

In addition to the aforementioned period criteria, if anyone asserts any legal right to your personal data. The Company still may continue processing such data within the period necessary for addressing such a right.
After the retention period expiry, the Company shall permanently delete or destroy relevant personal data or anonymize your personal data.

Your Legitimate Rights to Your Personal Data

  1. You may refuse to provide personal data, but the Company would therefore be unable to ultimately provide its website functions, products, and/or services to you and would be unable to process what you request in the absence of necessary data;
  2. You may access and review your personal data, request copies of such data, and inquire how such data are processed;
  3. You may ask to have incorrect personal data corrected;
  4. You may delete and/or restrict processing of your personal data for legitimate reasons;
  5. You may request transfer of your personal data in a structured and machine-readable form to others as long as it is possible to do so;
  6. You may withdraw your consent for the Company’s processing of your personal data as long as your withdraw does not affect the justifiability and legitimacy of the Company’s processing of such data before your withdraw nor the legitimacy of the Company’s processing of such data in other legitimate ways; and
  7. You may file complaints with data protection authorities regarding the Company’s processing of your personal data, particularly the data protection authorities in the European Union where you live or work and your personal data are breached.The aforementioned does not affect other legal rights you can exercise. If you want to exercise other legal rights or have any question about such rights, the Company’s Privacy Protection Policy, and how your personal data are processed, please refer to the contact information of the Company to contact the Company.

Please note:

  1. Under certain circumstances, before the Company can provide any assistance regarding the rights you assert, you need to provide your personal identification information to exercise such rights; and
  2. When what you assert needs to prove some other facts first, such as confirmation of whether your personal data have been processed in compliance with relevant laws and regulations, the Company shall verify related facts as soon as possible to decide how to process what you assert.

Use of Cookies or Other Similar Technologies

When you visit the Company’s website, the Company usually may set cookies or access the existing cookies on your device as long as it is lawful to do so or your prior consented is given. The Company uses cookies to record your device and browser information to understand your browsing habits and preferences. The data generated by cookies about your website use are transmitted and stored by different cookie providers. On behalf of the Company, these cookie providers use such data to assess your use of the website, compile reports on website activities, and provide other services related to website activities and the use of the Internet to the Company.

On the Company’s website, the Company uses 1st and 3rd party cookies. 1st party cookies are created by the company’s website to identify language and location preferences or render basic site functionality. 3rd party cookies belong to and are managed by other parties. These cookies may be required to render certain forms or to allow for some advertising outside the Company’s website.

Website Privacy Policy Changes

The Company may at any time update its Privacy Protection Policy provided herein to protect users’ personal data better, maintain online privacy, comply with changes in law and regulatory requirements, and stay abreast with the latest technologies. Accordingly, you are advised to understand the Company’s Privacy Protection Policy changes again when you revisit the website.