Industrial Cable

Electric Vehicle Cable

  • EV High Voltage Cable
    The conductor and shielding of Walsin Lihwa electric vehicle cables are flexible and soft enough for electric vehicle assembly. Such cables are resistant to abrasion, flame, heat, humidity, interferences, low temperatures, oils, and ozone. Especially, oil resistance passes 8 internationally designated machine oils for vehicles. Combination of high quality copper and XLPO for high temperature insulation to accommodate high current loads on electric vehicles. Soft PVC coating is heat resistant up to 105°C, and XLPO insulation as well as XLPO coating are heat resistant up to 125°C and 150°C respectively.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Plug
    CCS1 and CCS2 DC charging plugs comply with CNS 15700, IEC 62196, and UL 2251 standard. CCS1 DC charging plug is the first charging plug product to obtain VPC(Voluntary Product Certification) in Taiwan, therefore taking a leading position in the industry regarding quality and related regulations. The charging plug includes a cable with connector, and can be installed on electric vehicle charging station. The surface of current and signal pins is silver-plated. The handle is ergonomically designed and user-friendly. Built-in temperature sensors can detect operation temperature of current contacts. In terms of application and operation, this series of product can meet customer’s needs, and is the top choice in the market regarding quality and durability.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Cable
    AC/DC charging cables comply with IEC 62893 and UL 62 standard. Based on customer’s needs, customized products are also available. Charging cables perform the functions of power transmission, signal control, and data exchange. In addition, the cable’s features meet the requirements of regulations, including: softness, toughness, abrasion resistance, pull resistance, oil resistance, corkscrew resistance, weather resistance, and environmental requirements. The cable can be applied to home, public, and supercharging stations, and meet market demand immediately.



Product Conductor size
Outer diameter
Resistance Reference current value Heat resistance level of material
EV non-shielded 35 600 11.1 0.535 165 -40~125/150 orange
50 600 13.6 0.375 215 -40~125/150 orange
70 600 15.2 0.264 260 -40~125/150 orange
EV shielded 35 600 14.5 0.535 165 -40~125/150 orange
50 600 16.8 0.375 215 -40~125/150 orange
70 600 18.3 0.264 260 -40~125/150 orange

Note: Maximum resistance of conductor when 20℃, Ω/km


Product Specification