Power Cable

Rubber Wire and Cable

The rubber material is a thermosetting elastomer, which has the characteristics of good flexibility, weather resistance, abrasion resistance, and spark resistance.

It is commonly used for EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber) as power cable insulation.

Although the electrical properties are inferior to XLPE, but it has better weather resistance, as well as flame retardant. Thus, suitable for cable insulation materials which are to be used in thermal power plants, nuclear power plants and other places.

  • Neoprene rubber material
    has good weather resistance, flame retardant, abrasion resistance as well as tensile strength, and is often used as a covering material for rubber cables.
  • Hypalon rubber material
    has excellent heat resistance, often used as an outer sheath for rubber cables. This material is also flexible and has good electrical characteristics. Thus, it can be used as an insulation layer for the lead wires of low-voltage electric machines.

The Hypalon lead wires, EPR-Neoprene cables, EPR-Hypalon cables, and EPR-LSFH cables produced by Walsin Lihwa are suitable for industrial equipment cables, as well as special cables, such as generators, electric welders, and lead wires of electric machines.


Product Voltage Number of Cores Thickness of Conductor
Hypalon Insulated Lead Wire 600V 1 C 0.75 ~ 400mm2
EPR-Neoprene or Hypalon Cable 600V、2000V 1 ~ 4 C 0.75 ~ 400 mm2
EPR-Neoprene or Hypalon Cable 5kV ~ 15kV 1、3 C 8 ~ 400 mm2


Product Specification