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Walsin Lihwa Announces 2021 First Half Financial Results

Walsin Lihwa Corporation announces its consolidated financial statements of the first half of 2021 on 6th August. Sales and earnings at the Power Wire and Cable Business Group and the Stainless Steel Business Group increased because of an upbeat global economic outlook, while mass production of pig nickel iron at Walsin Nickel Industrial Indonesia gradually commenced in mid-2nd quarter. The consolidated net operating revenue reaches NT$67.98 billion. The consolidated operating gross profit reaches NT$6.07 billion and the consolidated income from operations is NT$3.14 billion. The net income after tax reaches NT$5.47 billion. The earnings per share is at NT$ 1.6.

Walsin Lihwa Corporation, established in 1966, is not only the leading manufacturer of wire & cable, stainless steel, and commodity business in the Greater China region but also a leading real estate developer across the Taiwan Strait.