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Walsin Lihwa ESG Suppliers Conference organizes a carbon deduction alliance with the latter

Taipei, September 21 – Walsin Lihwa today held an conference with its suppliers, With carbon reduction alliance establishment, harmony, and common prosperity as the subject matters, the conference explored sustainability-related ESG issues and trends with supplier partners as an attempt for carbon reduction alliance establishment with them to help move towards ESG and sustainability.

“Thanks to the support of our supplier partners throughout economic volatility, we have been steadfastly pursuing comprehensive strategic development over the past several years,” said Chiao Yu-Lon, Chairman of Walsin Lihwa. “As a result, we are now able to make good use of technology to expedite digital transformation and smart manufacturing while strengthening procurement governance, risk-bearing capabilities, and supplier chain resilience. Walsin Lihwa shall develop itself into an even better corporate citizen to continue improving sustainability governance, and we look forward to those of you who share the same value with us to move forwards with us.”

With sustainability implemented in strategy and vision development, Walsin Lihwa utilizes its core competencies to carry out ESG in daily operations, commit to increasing the added value of products, strengthen industrial recyclability, and develop green products and materials to move towards low-carbon circular economy with new energy development. Walsin Lihwa’s green chain promotion project in 2021 is intended to establish a carbon reduction alliance with suppliers and help 60% of them complete disclosure of Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions and 40% of them obtain carbon emission verification by 2025, so that net zero can be achieved together with suppliers by promotion of supply chain carbon management to continue decreasing carbon emissions year by year.

Nearly eighty suppliers attended this conference, at which the Stainless Steel, Wire and Cable, and Resources Business Groups of Walsin Lihwa shared their respective outlooks on the future and relevant strategies. The conference also dealt with corporate ESG trends, carbon emission management for sustainability, and smart production technologies to help strengthen supplier partners’ knowledge of sustainability governance and risk management, so that they can better work with Walsin Lihwa to face up to market challenges, continue improving supply chain sustainability management, fulfill corporate social responsibilities, and achieve sustainable business development as well as growth.

Established in 1966, Walsin Lihwa dedicates itself to the development of wire and cable, stainless steel, commodity resources, real estate, and renewable energies. As a leader in the wire and cable and the stainless steel industry in the Greater China region, the company has also expanded itself into a multinational conglomerate with hi-tech and energy investments.