Compensation and Benefits

Item Content
Outstanding Renumeration
  • Competitive salary
  • Performance bonus
  • Productivity bonus
Other Benefits
  • Better annual leave program than the Labor Standard Act. Employees are eligible for annual leaves from the first day service.
  • Lectures on lifestyle, personal growth, personal financing and investment, travel and tourism, etc.
  • Special offers and good deals from co-operative stores
  • Gold medallion for senior employees
  • Perennial new employee orientation events
Comprehensive Insurance Coverage
  • Labor insurance
  • National Health Insurance
  • Group insurance (covers life insurance, accident insurance, hospitalization insurance, cancer insurance, etc.)
  • Oversea travel insurance and expatriate insurance
  • Regularly Health checkup
  • Monthly pension contribution
  • Retirement payment and compensation payment
Various Subsidies
  • Travel subsidy
  • Subsidy for employee association activity
  • Wedding and funeral subsidy
  • Childbirth subsidy
  • Physical examination subsidy for managers
  • Hospitalization relief payment
  • Scholarship for employees and their children
  • Interest-free loan (including emergency loan, children education loan, and housing loan)
Comprehensive Career Development Planning
  • Training available for both new and senior executives based on their individual competency requirements regardless of ages, genders, and positions to help strengthen the Company’s competitiveness
  • Sound performance assessment and diverse promotion channels
Friendly Workplace
  • ISO 45001 accreditation
  • Humanized management and the latest hardware and software
  • Commuter bus service
  • Employee dormitories at plant sites
  • Employee restaurants at plant sites