Power Cable

Medium Voltage Cable/ High Voltage Cable

Medium- and high-voltage XLPE cables feature outstanding heat resistance as well as good electrical, physical and mechanical characteristics, and are suitable for indoor and outdoor power transmission and distribution systems as well as dry and humid environments.

The conductor temperature can reach 90°C under normal conditions, 130°C under an emergency conditions(no more than 3 times in 12 consecutive months, with an average of no longer than 36 hours each time), and it can reach 250°C during a short circuit maximum up to 5 seconds.

Such cables are suitable for urban underground distribution as well as medium- and high-voltage power transmission and distribution in various public places, plant buildings, residential communities, and multi-story buildings.


Hsinchuang Plant:

Product Voltage Number of Cores Thickness of Conductor
XLPE-PVC Power Cable 5 ~ 25 kV 1、3 C 8 ~ 500 mm2
69kV XLPE Cable 69 kV 1 C 400~1600 mm2
161kV XLPE Cable 161 kV 1 C 400~2000 mm2

Shanghai Plant:

Product Voltage Number of Cores Thickness of Conductor
YJV Medium Voltage Power Cable 3.6/6kV~26/35kV 1 C
3 C
10~630 mm2
10~400 mm2


Product Specification