Human Rights Policy

Walsin Lihwa complies with the local laws and regulations wherever the company has business presence to uphold employee human and legal rights in consistency with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations, the United Nations Global Compact, the International Labor Organization Convention, and other internationally recognized human rights conventions and standards to friendly, impartially, reasonably, and respectfully treat all its employees including official and temporary employees, migrant employees, interns, contracted workers, and even business partners.

Guiding principles are as follows:

• Healthy and Safe Work Environment Development

Develop a healthy and safe work environment while promptly providing first aid whenever necessary to help decrease health and safety hazards at work and occupational risks.

• Fair and Reasonable Compensation and Work Conditions

Effectively protect labor rights for the harmony of labor relations, which factors in the fairness of employment, compensation and fringe benefits, education and training, as well as assessment and promotion criteria while effectively responding to and addressing employee complaints to timely prevent employee rights from being compromised.

• Equal Employment Opportunities Without Discrimination

For the purpose of ensuring employees’ equal opportunity in employment, employers are prohibited from discriminating against any employee on the basis of gender (including sexual orientation), race, class, age, marital status, language, thought, religion, political party, place of origin, place of birth, appearance, facial features, and disability.

• No Employment of Underaged Workers

Comply with the local labor laws and regulations wherever the company has business presence in consistency with the minimum age requirement for employment to refrain from employing underaged workers.

• No Forced Labor

Comply with relevant labor laws and regulations with due attention to employee attendance to work doing away with forced labor.

• Respect for Freedom of Association

Respect employees’ basic human rights and, in particular, labor human rights such as organization of labor unions, and ensure harmonious labor relations by providing diverse communication channels.

• Privacy Protection and Harassment Prevention

Harassment Prevention: Conduct relevant regulatory compliance promotion for new recruits, including sexual harassment prevention, anti-discrimination, anti-harassment, working hour management, and the healthy and safe working environment that ensures humane treatment. Moreover, through the relevant announcements, employees can further understand that they also have the responsibility to avoid the abovementioned workplace violence when they are on duty.
Privacy Protection: In the event workplace violence, the company has set the grievance hotline and is committed to protecting employee privacy when they are reporting the case, thereby creating a friendly working environment.

• Employee Complaint System and Channel

The Company has set up various communication channels for employee to report problems such as the grievance hotline, grievance mailbox, employee information website, employee platform for discussion, and labor-management meetings.

• Assistance to Employees in Maintaining Physical and Psychological Wellbeing and Balance between Life and Work

Take care of employees’ physical and psychological wellbeing by providing free health checks on a regular basis as well as health management lectures, employee family outings, massage relaxation, cultural, sports, and family day events for employees and their families, as well as employee associations and clubs to facilitate collegial interaction for their balance between life and work.

• Regular Review and Assessment of Human Rights Measures to Decrease Related Risks

Identify the risks associated with human rights and accordingly develop corresponding measures to effectively implement the Employee Human Rights Policy by policy effectiveness assessment on a regular basis to control and decrease such risks and perfect the protection of human rights related to different issues. Ensure effective implementation of the Employee Human Rights Policy at individual plant sites through contractual binding of suppliers and relevant requirements with sample checks by the Administration Division and Human Resources Division to ensure compliance with the Employee Human Rights Policy to safeguard employees’ physical and psychological wellbeing.

• Education and Training

Conduct education and training on human rights protection through meetings with suppliers to ensure human rights protection at suppliers as well as Walsin Lihwa sites:
September 2022: 12 participants including the Shanghai Walsin as well as suppliers
October 2022: 12 participants including the Dogguan Walsin plants as well as suppliers