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Walsin Lihwa values what everyone thinks, has experienced, and can do. Therefore, everyone at Walsin Lihwa can actively contribute to the Company through full employee participation, and the potential of everyone and how everyone feels the value of work can be strengthened to benefit from continuous learning and growing. Walsin Lihwa’s growth and innovation are attributable to its employees who are persistent in pursuing excellence and enthusiastic for creativity; they will be your future colleagues.


Walsin Lihwa is intended for a fundamental change of people in addition to active business expansion.

Human Resource Div. | Sheny Chang

Leaving the financial industry to join Walsin Lihwa is intended to step out of my comfort zone and create new possibilities with my financial training in a new environment. It is also intended to better familiarize myself with how the market works from buyer and seller -- i.e., banks and Walsin Lihwa -- perspectives. Interdepartmental cooperation opportunities and guidance provided by senior colleagues on my various assignments have helped me understand the company organization and blend myself into the company culture soon enough.

I’m now responsible for business planning and risk management in the Commodity Business Group, and my job involves vertical and horizontal coordination, assistance in management guideline development and implementation as well as strategic project planning, and independent implementation of risk management and management of the profit and loss threshold at the middle office. Therefore, I need to always remain open-minded enough to see things from different perspectives when implementing different assignments, and I look forward to keeping strengthening critical thinking and optimizing implementation processes to face up to any new challenge to come.

It’s been a long time since I graduated from college and joined the workforce in 2004. When I first joined the Wire and Cable Business Group of Walsin Lihwa, I doubted if I could attend any EMBA program as I had no managerial experience, but was given an opportunity to attend Chung Yuan Christian University’s EMBA program. The EMBA training has significantly helped me strengthen my competencies for issue analysis and resolution as well as management communications.

Therefore, I consider Walsin Lihwa a company capable of ongoing self-renovation for sustainable management by placing great trust in professionalism, valuing cultivation of talents, and meeting customer needs and wants with flexible product types and applications to strengthen operational efficiency. I’ve benefited from multidimensional professional development at Walsin Lihwa and take pride in being a member of the company. I’ve completed my EMBA program and will keep asking myself to do increasingly better at home and work for successful self-fulfillment.

Before I joined Walsin Lihwa in 2018, I had experienced several jobs of different natures. I’m glad to face up to challenges probably because of my educational backgrounds. I majored in Journalism but earned an MBA degree afterwards; I had to spend more time at school because of my different undergraduate and graduate majors. I joined Walsin Lihwa primarily because of my curiosity about how this traditional industry company established five decades ago can deal with various industry trends to transform itself while striking a balance between tradition and innovation.

At Walsin Lihwa for more than two years, I’m responsible for marketing at the head office, Stainless Steel Business Group, and Wire and Cable Business Group, where I’m always required to have market insights as well as logic thinking and analysis skills. I’ve participated in new business model strategy development for the Wire and Cable Business Group and helped the Stainless Steel Business Group gather business intelligence on the industry upstream to downstream in Taiwan and overseas. Such involvement helped me combine my experiences in business analysis and planning to meet a variety of project needs at individual business groups, letting me realize Walsin Lihwa is willing to provide sufficient leeway to new employees for them to develop their potentials. Therefore, I hope I can continue learning how to face up to industry uncertainties, live with them, and make changes for the better to grow together with the company.

When I was about to complete my graduate study, a friend working at Walsin Lihwa told me an Industry 4.0 transformation at his company and recommended me to join him to experience the transformation. Therefore, I decided to join Walsin Lihwa before military conscription because I might not be able to bring myself up to speed to the transformation after one-year’s military service.

At Walsin Lihwa, my research focuses on vibration and is intended to help have vibration sensing technologies implemented at the company’s individual plant sites in response to the Industry 4.0 transformation. My research aims at precognitive maintenance of equipment vibration issues and also explores the correlations between equipment vibration issues and product quality. Over the past two years at Walsin Lihwa, I’ve been facing new challenges everyday but I can also cope with such challenges as my helpful, supportive colleagues and superiors amount to my strong momentum for ongoing self-growth.

I chose to join Walsin Lihwa because the company’s vison for Industry 4.0 met my expectations for my Substitute Military Service in the category of R&D. Joining Walsin Lihwa has indeed let me realize systematic teamwork is key to the success of Industry 4.0.

I was responsible for a system simulation project for one year to set up communication channels, learn how to use the system simulation software, and try to help more people understand the project to facilitate the project implementation. Afterwards, I went to the Yenshui plant for a two-week internship to gain a better understanding of production lines and then went to the Procurement Division in Taichung to promote procurement transparency while collecting and organizing the information on waste acid disposal companies. At present, I am a seed instructor of system simulation and also continue my on-the-job learning. My rotation between different jobs at Walsin Lihwa has helped me step out of my comfort zone to benefit myself from different perspectives.

I’m primarily responsible for automated data capturing and text analysis through machine learning. Before, I was responsible for web crawler programming and ETL implementation for employee recruitment, assurance of enhancement of data analysis quality provided to the Big Data and Cyber Security Division, or organizing the steel rolling operation’s OPL documents while extracting and categorizing suitable OPL keywords to help plant site directors strengthen their review of the appropriateness of OPL documents as a preliminary process of knowledge extraction applicable to various projects.

At present, my research project focuses on establishment of Walsin Lihwa’s proprietary knowledge graph to help the Human Resources Division strengthen employee recruitment and employee turnover forecast efficiency. Walsin Lihwa has not only strengthened my professional knowledge and skills but also broadened my perspectives on many things. Now I know how to analyze, categorize, and summarize what I’m unfamiliar with, and the ability to think from others’ viewpoints is my most significant gain at Walsin Lihwa.

The greatest gain for me at the big family of Walsin Lihwa is ongoing learning and growth at work.

I try to imagine myself as an empty glass to learn things new with an open mind. The steel rolling department in which I work helps everyone feel satisfied with efficient and fulfilling teamwork and a strong sense of mission because of the mission-critical resources, reasonable division of labor, and strong logistics support it provides.

At Walsin Lihwa, I enjoy dedicating myself to steel rolling equipment improvement, capacity bottleneck breakthroughs, and product quality enhancement by taking part in installation of more roughing mills, laying head modification, as well as improvement of entanglements and scratch injuries. What I’ve experienced is very important to me, and the team support readily available to me has been keeping me moving steadfastly forward.

Walsin Lihwa offered me my first real job and I’m grateful to Walsin Lihwa for providing so many opportunities for young people to grow and hone themselves. I grew up in Taipei but joined the Stainless Steel Business Group at the Yenshui plant in South Taiwan, where I engaged in the stainless steel coil business and wore a safety helmet for nine years. Afterwards, I was transferred to the Commodity Business Group to explore the upstream of industry.

I hope I can function like a sponge to absorb new knowledge of different subjects and develop independent thinking skills. Deeply realizing the only thing unchanged is change and the importance of flexibility, I hope to be courageous enough for calculated risk-taking at the newly established Commodity Business Group to drive personal growth while inspiring my peers to grow together with me.

At the IT Center of Walsin Lihwa, I’m primarily responsible for data analysis and data visualization to help resolve the issues my colleagues face and work with professionals of different disciplines to maximize interest with as minimum resources as possible. I’m quite new at the company but have been dealing with many colleagues of different departments. Professional knowledge exchange with them makes my job always full of challenges, for example, the cooperation with the Human Resources Division for automated resume gathering and analysis to rapidly identify qualified job candidates, and analysis of whether machine data would affect product quality during power cable and wire production steel milling, and fine-tuning machine parameters for product yield improvement.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” — so goes an African proverb telling the importance of teamwork. Since I joined Walsin Lihwa, I’ve been benefited from valuable experiences generously shared by many colleagues during issue resolution together with them. I’ve been learning a lot about both what is most related to me, data analysis , and product manufacture processes, I hope to go fast and far together with my colleagues.

I joined Walsin Lihwa as a mold design engineer using computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools for mold design at the Changshu plant. However, I didn’t even hear about so many molds at the plant when I was back in school, not to mention any hands-on experience in real-world design. I started with cold-rolled plugs to step by step learn about the molds for cold and heat processing and began to familiarize myself with the design of molds at the Yenshui plant and some customers, I became increasingly knowledgeable of stainless steel mill operations through my experience in design, outsourcing, inspection upon delivery, and on-production-line tests of mold properties,

Later on, I was responsible for mold design as well as some cold and heat processing recommendations at the Stainless Steel Business Group. What I do at Walsin Lihwa is quite challenging because considerable knowledge in mechanics, mechanisms, materials science, thermodynamics, geometry, manufacturing technology, process control, CAE data analysis, and programing languages is required for combining such knowledge with hands-on experiences in production lines. Now I’m trying to independently develop modules of commercial system add-ons to link such modules with real-world CAE applications and apply the concept of CAE mold design to production line manufacturing. I also continue studying by myself and thinking how to realize the design concept by leveraging today’s new technologies.

I joined the Human Resources Division of Walsin Lihwa when I was fresh out of college and therefore experienced the company’s people-oriented corporate culture at the very beginning. What I do is intended for a qualitative change of Walsin Lihwa employees through systematic employee recruitment and training. What’s the most important in this regard is to retain capable and talented young people for management succession development through various projects with many opportunities available at the company. For example, I took part in the establishment of PT Walsin Nickel Industrial Indonesia, including the new venture’s dynamic talent database development and large-scale employee recruitment.

During the establishment process, I worked with a team and individual team members contributed their respective strengths. I benefited greatly from interdepartmental coordination and cooperation that strengthened my competencies in these regards. As I can see more from my perspective of human resources now, I’m well aware that the Industry 4.0 transformation being concretely implemented at Walsin Lihwa is intended for a fundamental change of people in addition to active business expansion.