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Unveiling of Walsin Lihwa-NTU R&D Innovation Center as a New Paradigm of Academia Industry Cooperation

An R&D innovation center established by Walsin Lihwa and the National Taiwan University (NTU) was unveiled at the College of Engineering, NTU. NTU President C.M. Kuan and the faculty from individual departments of the college attended the unveiling ceremony. The R&D innovation center is intended for academia industry cooperation for metal material research, investment in green circular technologies, development of wastes applications green metal supply chain, green energies, energy saving and carbon reduction technologies, and cultivation of talents in relevant disciplines. The office of the R&D innovation center opened at the same time will be available for academia industry seminars, project presentations, product application demos, and cultivation of talents.

The results of a competition of academic poster design on the first ever technology exchange between Walsin Lihwa and the NTU starting 2022 were also announced at the same time, and scholarships were awarded to eighteen outstanding students. After the unveiling ceremony, there was an keynote session between Walsin Lihwa and the faculty of the College of Engineering, NTU as an effort to have academic resources more closely combined with industry applications to contribute to environmental sustainability and green energy industry development.