Application Q&A

We are in an era of intelligent revolution and our employees are expected to be open-minded, persistent in pursuing excellence. and value commitment and integrity to help each other, make good use of technologies, emphasize scientific approaches, and dedicate themselves to what is good for the Company and society.

Walsin Lihwa emphasizes job competencies and therefore has requirements for relevant experiences and professional skills in addition to education backgrounds. Walsin Lihwa also values teamwork, enthusiasm, systematic thinking, and those who embrace new skills and technologies.

Walsin Lihwa keeps strengthening its online and physical training resources including general education training, professional training, and management skill programs. In addition to flexible time for individual learning, experience and knowledge sharing is emphasized to encourage trainers and trainees to learn from each other, promote academia-industry cooperation, and provide overseas training opportunities. Employees can keep their jobs and go back to school to familiarize themselves with the latest technology innovations and trends. Walsin Lihwa also encourages interdisciplinary learning in addition to strengthening personal professionalism.

Walsin Lihwa provides company-wide career paths and triple career path development including professional, project, and management positions unrestricted by organization structures, so that project management competencies, enthusiasm for research, and interdisciplinary competencies among others for the era of intelligent revolution can be developed and help employees become increasingly valuable.

Walsin Lihwa is an industry leader in Taiwan with deep roots in Mainland China for a long time, too. Walsin Lihwa has also been expanding into Europe, Southeast Asia, and the US and therefore values those who are glad to work overseas. If you are one of them, you are cordially invited to join Walsin Lihwa.

There are single room and group dormitories at certain plant sites for the mental and physical wellbeing of employees. Clean, comfortable, and safe dormitory accommodation is managed by designated personnel to continue improving the quality of life there. Moreover, employee commuter bus service is provided by certain plant sites.